About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Dermatological Society of New Jersey is to encourage the advancement of dermatology in New Jersey; to promote high ethical standards and fraternal relations among its members; and to participate in activities which shall further the welfare of the medical profession and our patients.

Board Members

  • Jane Lee, MD, Immediate Past President
  • Booth Durham, MD, Treasurer
  • Arnold Zimmerman, MD, Membership Chair
  • Amy Pappert, MD, Medical Education Chair
  • Robert Paull, MD, Legislative Co-Chair
  • Jonathan Winter, MD, Legislative Co-Chair
  • Christopher Cassetty, MD
  • Darlene Kwee, MD
  • Roderick Kaufmann, MD
  • Victor Mellul, MD
  • Linda Susan Marcus, MD
  • Eric Herman, MD
  • Sandra Vause, MD
  • Alexander Doctoroff, DO
  • David Wrone, MD

Regional Chairs

  • Linda Susan Marcus, MD and Eric Herman, MD – North
  • Roderick Kaufmann, MD – Central
  • Booth Durham, MD – South


  • State Advocacy Grant Award (2023) from AAD/A.
  • 2022 State Advocacy Grant Award from the American Academy of Dermatology
  • Model State with Honors Award (2022).
  • Model State with Honors Award (2021).

Community Service

  • DSNJ donated $5,000 (matched by Neutrogena with another $5,000) towards the American Academy of Dermatology’s initiative of Adopt A Shade Program. The recipient is Fairview Lakes branch of Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges. 
  • DSNJ donateded $5,000 to HIPHOP Promise Clinic, a free clinic providing care to the community.  Clinic is part of Community Health at RWJ Medical School in NJ.